Looshkin in “Friendship!”

click to play Last year the very talented animator Upstart Thunder suggested she and I work on something together. The idea of a Looshkin short was bandied about, just something brief and silly, so we set to work. I wrote out a little comic of how it should go, drew up the main characters, and left her to work her magic all over it. Being a side-project, it has taken a little time as we've both added to it when we can, but finally we're very proud to give it out into the world. This is a film made for fun, to play around with Looshkin and see how his character comes across. And I think it comes across great, even though he says nothing, his whim for destruction and amusement is as apparent as ever, and I think we can all learn something about the importance of interspecies friendship from it. A huge thanks to Upstart for her amazing work, seriously the bounce of that narwhal makes me so happy every time I watch it. And of course, a huge credit to Ben Mitchell who created the fantastic music behind it all. We're submitting this short to a handful of short film festivals, so if you're ever at them perhaps you might see it. In the meantime, we're already talking about working on another one. If you like Looshkin bouncing around and would like to see more, please do comment and share it around!
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One Response to Looshkin in “Friendship!”

  1. Trollhead says:

    So looking forward to this…

    Gareth has said on his blog that progress is slow and difficult with lots of different projects for you both.

    uh….I can’t think. I only discovered this yesterday.

    Bring it for 2013!

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