The first step.

It arrived this morning. A little message from Gareth to follow a link on my phone and download something secretive, which I duly did, and when it opened up I couldn't have been happier. It was the first test. The first time we've seen flesh put onto these bones. Just a small start, we're still at the very beginning of all this, but enough to see how it might look. Just one room, the room above. Nothing to see or touch or interact with. Just a room with a Looshkin in, a Looshkin who could walk around and..well, lets not reveal everything he does just yet, huh?

I think we both realise we have quite a long road ahead of us building this game, there's a lot of work to do, and a lot of figuring out to get right (although Gareth seems to be ticking boxes left right and centre so far). But up until now it has just been chatter, seeing something move in our environment was a real jump into the next phase.

The room above shows you how we're seeing this game. The look. Obviously everything will be prone to change and evolve over the months, but I think we're both happy with how its starting. Move Looshkin around, involve him with his surroundings, watch the chaos unfold. As I'm drawing the backgrounds and characters directly, the look of the game is exactly how I'm seeing it (a benefit perhaps to us working without company involvement here, we're not restrained by anyone else's opinions but our own. Which can be a bad and a good thing, but here I think it gives us the real freedom to run away and go nutso with it).

There's a lot for me to learn (how to carve rooms up so they can be coded in, separated out, etc), but just seeing that room this morning, something tangible, on my phone, reminds me how exciting this all is.

More updates soon.

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2 Responses to The first step.

  1. Mythos says:

    That looks straight out of the comics! It’s looking good, really good.

  2. bairdduvessa says:

    oooooooooh i am excited

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